2nd August 2018

This is the first ever blog post. Hopefully my posts will be informative, and maybe a little funny. Most of the jokes will be self deprecating.

So today we took on some outsiders, Rough old Hemlock. With one in particular that really was a beast. Situated at the top of a near vertical 35m bank. Sod pulling the winch rope up there. With power lines behind and also stuck against Deer fencing. 

Perfect opportunity for the Treemans 20T to show its colours. But alas one 20T wasn't enough. It required two. I did the rear cut before the wedge in the front other wise it was going to sit back harder than a fat kid on a sofa when Game of Thrones is starting. We got both jacks pumped right up. So much so, it started to go before I wedged it in. Short while later it was ready to go. After about What seemed a million pumps the tree was finally upright. Hydraulic Jack assissed felling certainly beats beating wedges in for hours. 



5th August 2018

Today we've been working on a new ball joint idea to sit the top plate on. Hopefully we will have some pictures to show soon. 

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